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Alvaro Meseguer published the book “Fundamentals of Numerical Mathematics for Physicists and Engineers”
Professor Alvaro Meseguer of the research group of Nonlinear Fluid dynamics (DF) has recently published a book based on his experience on the teaching of Numerical and Computational Methods on Physics Engineering in the UPC
Summary of media appearances
Professors from the BIOCOMSC research group talk about COVID-19 in the media:
Appearances of professors of the department in the media
Professors Dani López of the BIOCOM-SC research group, Albert Falqués of the DF research group and David Pino also of the DF research group have recently appeared to the media giving their expert opinion to current news
Dani López questions the alarm generated by the COVID-19 epidemic in the media with mathematical arguments.
In the case of the COVID-19 epidemic, mathematical models can help us look at reality with serenity, without alarmism. Professor Dani Lopez of the Department of Physics at UPC has adjusted a mathematical function, the logistics function, to the number of cases registered in China.
Ricard Gonzalez is re-elected as President of the European Low Gravity Research Association
Dra. Giulia De Rosi joins with a postdoctoral fellowship the Department of Physics
Dr. Giulia De Rosi was awarded with a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual postdoctoral Fellowship to join the Department of Physics
Interview with David Pino in the science section of the newspaper El Punt Avui
Professor Davi Pino has been interviewed in the newspaper "El Punt Avui" on the publication of a flood catalog in the Mediterranean watershed
The Nobel Prize in Physics 2019
James Peebles, Michel Mayor i Didier Queloz hwere awarded by the Nobel Prize 2019
Ricard Gonzalez organizes the 26th Symposium and General Assembly of the European Low Gravity Research Association
David Pino invited to the program "Aquí, amb Josep Cuní" along with the president of the Valencian Community Ximo Puig