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EETAC Aerospace Engineering Section

Some of the members comprising the EETAC Aerospace Engineering Section (SEA1) have been teaching at EETAC since the first class of the first higher education degree in aeronautics offered in Catalonia, precisely in this school: the degree in Technical Engineering,  specialization in Air Navigation.

From then on, the section's faculty have taught and participated in the design of curriculums and implementation of the following degrees: Bachelor's degree in Air Navigation Engineering, Bachelor's degree in Airport Engineering and Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering, as well as the Master's degree in Aerospace Science and Technology.

The members of the section conduct research in several fields, ranging from the study of two-phase systems in microgravity to the optimization of the trajectories of civil commercial aviation airplanes and the integration of drones in airspace, including, among others, the development of numerical methods for fluid dynamics, the study of turbulent flows and of the mechanical properties of aeronautic aluminum alloys, wind energy generation, etc.