Ph.D. programmes

Doctorate in Computational and Applied Physics

The PhD Program in Computational and Applied Physics provides a solid training in the fields of Computational Physics and Applied Physics, as well as providing an adequate foundation in scientific and technical research methodologies in general. We aim for future doctors to be able to lead research and technological innovation in the aforementioned areas.

Doctorate in Nuclear and Ionizing Radiation Engineering

In Catalonia, there are three nuclear power plants in operation (Ascó I, Ascó II and Vandellòs) that generate approximately 45% of the electricity consumed in the region. There are eight power plants in Spain as a whole, which provide around 20% of the electrical energy consumed. This situation and the future perspectives of the use of ionizing radiation in general, and of nuclear energy production in particular, justify the need to offer the present Doctoral Program

Doctorate in Aerospace Science and Technology

The main objective of the program is the training of students in the sciences and technologies of wider application and utility in the current aeronautical and space landscape, covering aspects of theoretical and practical foundation, as well as methodology and general training in research techniques, with the aim of producing original and quality research work in the areas indicated. It facilitates knowledge of the most relevant scientific and/or technical advances achieved by research teams in the aforementioned fields, of the scientific and technical methodology used to achieve them and of the technological and industrial applications that may have resulted from them.