Spin-Orbit Interaction and Spin Field Effect Transistors SEMINAR ANNOUNCEMENT

J. EOM, de la Sejong University de Seúl (Corea)


May 07, 2018 from 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM (Europe/Madrid / UTC200)


Aula B4-2012 del Campus Nord, UPC.

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The 1st generation magnetic memory device relies on its switching by the external magnetic field and the 2ndgeneration magnetic memory device switches its state by current.

However, the 1st and 2ndgeneration magnetic memories suffer from tremendous heat in highly integrated circuits. To overcome problems caused by heat, researchers have been trying to find a next generation memory devices with ultra-low power consumption.

Having not been developed yet, the 3rd generation magnetic memory device may be switched by gate electric field and hence power consumption is reduced to an ideal level. Therefore, the gate modulation of spin-orbit interaction (SOI) will play an important role in electron transport of next generation spintronic devices.

This presentation will cover issues of spintronics such as concept of spin polarization, spin injection and detection, Rashba and Dresselhaus SOI, gate modulation of SOI, and spin field effect transistor.