“Quantum Skyrmion Lattices in Heisenberg Ferromagnets” Andreas Haller


Feb 22, 2022 from 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM (Europe/Madrid / UTC100)


UPC campus nord, B4-212 (aula seminari)

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Andreas Haller


Department of Physics and Materials Science,

University of Luxembourg
“Quantum Skyrmion Lattices in Heisenberg Ferromagnets”



Skyrmions are topological magnetic textures which can arise in non-centrosymmetric ferromagnetic materials. In most systems experimentally investigated to date, skyrmions emerge as classical objects.

However, the discovery of skyrmions with nanometer length scales has sparked interest in their quantum properties. Here, we simulate the ground states of two-dimensional spin-$1/2$ Heisenberg ferromagnets with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions and discover a broad region in the zero temperature phase diagram which hosts quantum skyrmion lattices. We argue that the quantum skyrmion lattice phase can be detected experimentally in the magnetization profile via local magnetic polarization measurements as well as in the spin structure factor measurable via neutron scattering experiments. Finally, we explore the resulting quantum skyrmion state, analyze its real space polarization profile and show that it is a non-classical state featuring entanglement between quasiparticle and environment mainly localized near the boundary spins of the skyrmion.