Conference : Why Fusion?

By Dr. Mark Henderson, Electron Cyclotron Section leader, ITER


May 26, 2017 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (Europe/Madrid / UTC200)


Conference Room Edifici Vèrtex

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Abstract: Fusion energy is the reaction that fuels all stars and offers mankind a relatively clean and essentially inexhaustible energy source. To achieve this a gas is heated to temperatures hotter than the sun and then the hydrogen isotopes are fused, releasing large quantities of energy. To date, fusion experiments have reached the 'break-even' point with the energy output equaling the energy input. Europe with Russia, China, US, South Korea, India and Japan are now building a new devise (ITER) in the south of France that aims at demonstrating a 10 fold increase in output power. 
This talk aims at providing an overview of the need for fusion, the fusion process, out progress to date, a general description of the ITER device and its scientific challenges. A brief overview of the plasma heating systems with particular attention to the 24MW microwave heating system will be given. In addition, an introduction to the fusion documentary "Let There Be Light" (Showing at the Barcelona Documentary Festival) will be presented by the Producer Mile Aung-Thwin.

Organized by the Nuclear Engineering Division of the UPC Physics Department