SEMINAR ANNOUNCEMENT: "Projective Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations of Ultracold Fermi Gases and adiabatic quantum computers"

Sebastiano Pilati University of Camerino, Italy


23/02/2018 de 15:00 a 16:00 (Europe/Madrid / UTC100)


UPC campus nord, B4-212 (aula seminari)

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I will review some recent studies on the ground-state properties of strongly-repulsive Fermi gases performed using projective Quantum Monte Carlo techniques. I will focus of the emergence of ferromagnetic phases in clean and in disordered Fermi gases, and on (quasi) antiferromagnetic phases emerging in shallow optical lattices.


If time permits, I will highlight recent works in the context of adiabatic quantum computing, discussing how projective QMC simulations can be used to gain insight on the possible superiority of adiabatic quantum computers in solving complex optimization problems, compared to classical optimization methods.