SEMINAR ANNOUNCEMENT: “Mixtures in 1D and the Andreev-Bashkin effect"

Luca Parisi


31/01/2018 de 11:30 a 12:30 (Europe/Madrid / UTC100)


UPC campus nord, B4-211 (aula reunions)

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Luca Parisi

Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Trento and CNR-INO BEC Center,

Trento, Italy

“Mixtures in 1D and the Andreev-Bashkin effect"


In recent years it has become possible to investigate interacting many body systems with ultracold atoms. In 3D and 2D reaching strongly correlated regimes is hindered by the instability towards collapse but can be experimentally achieved in quasi-1D system, where the instability is absent [1]. Moreover, in mixtures of two strongly interacting gases you can also have the Andreev-Bashkin effect, an effect in which a superflow in one component induces a supercurrent in the second component.

 I will first review the general physics of one-dimensional systems before presenting recent Quantum Monte Carlo results, in which we investigate the Andreev-Bashkin effect in one-dimensional mixtures and its consequence on spin excitations [2].


[1] Paredes B, Widera A, Murg V, Mandel O, Fölling S, Cirac I, Shlyapnikov GV, Hänsch TW, Bloch I. "Tonks-Girardeau gas of ultracold atoms in an optical lattice" Nature 429, 277–281 (20 May 2004)

[2] Luca Parisi, G.E. Astrakharchik, Stefano Giorgini "Spin dynamics and Andreev-Bashkin effect in mixtures of one-dimensional Bose gases" arXiv:1801.03446