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Zahra Hazami defends his thesis on a radio frequency source of the ALBA synchrotron light source

Zahra Hazami defended her thesis co-directed by Francis Pérez of the ALBA synchrotron and Youri Koubychine of INTE-SEN on January 29 at ETSEIB, South Campus. Titled "Development of a Solid State Amplifier for the 3rd Harmonic Cavity for ALBA Synchrotron Light Source", the thesis presents the design, construction, testing and characterization of a solid state amplifier for a 3rd harmonic system of the storage ring of the ALBA synchrotron.
Zahra Hazami defends his thesis on a radio frequency source of the ALBA synchrotron light source
One of the functional testing moments of the 1 kW solid state amplifier in the RF laboratory of the ALBA synchrotron

In Synchrotron Light Source facilities with high energy and low emittance electron beams different techniques for improving the quality of the synchrotron radiation for the users are applied. With this aim ALBA, the Spanish 3rd generation Synchrotron Light Source, is developing a 3rd Harmonic radiofrequency (RF) system as a system additional to the main RF system of the storage ring. This system will consist of four normal conducting active cavities at 1.5 GHz that will provide the required 1.1 MV accelerating voltage to the electron beam and will be fed by four 20 kW power transmitters. This power will be generated by modular Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) in a continuous wave mode at 1.5 GHz. On the basis of preliminary studies it has been decided that the architecture of each 20 kW power transmitter is a tree diagram made up of primary 1 kW SSPA modules connected in parallel in a combination array.


In the thesis the design, building and evaluation of a prototype of the 1 kW SSPA module formed by four 250 W primary power amplifier modules have been carried out. Accordingly, all subsystems, namely input and output matching networks of the 250 W primary module, and a four-way power splitter, a four-way power combiner and a novel directivity compensated directional coupler for the non-invasive power monitoring of the 1 kW power amplifier were also designed and their prototypes were tested. A final evaluation of the combined 1 kW SSPA prototype module was successfully carried out and has shown good performance.

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