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Two conferences in fluid dynamics are organized next summer in the UPC

Researchers from the Fluid dynamics research group of the department of Physics are involved in the organization of two conferences on June-July 2023 on the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

The local organizing committee is formed by the professors: Arantxa Alonso, Jezabel Curbelo, Francisco Marques, Fernado Mellibovsky, and Alvaro Meseguer. In both conferences the deadline for submission of abstracts is March 15th. 

The first conference is the 22nd International Couette-Taylor Workshop, where experts of global size in the field of fluid dynamics will address fundamental problems such as turbulence and chaos. This is a problem of great complexity and the workshop is named after the two scientists who began their study in the 19th century. Identifying the mechanisms responsible for instabilities, pattern formation and transition to turbulence is a fundamental problem in fluid dynamics. In this edition, we celebrate the centennial of the publication of G.I. Taylor's paper entitled 'Stability of a Viscous Liquid contained between Two Rotating Cylinders', Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. A, 223 (1923). Over a century, this paper has been a cornerstone work on which hydrodynamic stability theory has been developed.

The second conference is the 2nd Spanish Fluid Mechanics Conference, the second of a series of biennial conferences aiming to cover all fields of fluid mechanics at a national level. The conference is open to students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty, as well as researchers working in national laboratories, research centers and industry. Researchers working at institutions outside Spain are also welcomed.

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