Three Professors of the Physics Department publish a textbook on Quantum Computation

Nov 05, 2020

Santiago Torres, Pere Bruna and Pietro Massignan publish a collection of exercises and problems in the "Edicions UPCGrau", aiming at introducing advanced engineering students to the exciting world of Quantum Information and Computation

Quantum technology is one of the most promising and challenging fields in contemporary science. Quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and more generally quantum information technologies promise, in the short term, to change our paradigm of classical computing and communications. Abstract concepts such as duality, superposition, entanglement, and teleportation may seem closer to magic or science fiction than to everyday human experience. However, these topics play a steeply increasing role in modern technological applications, and are therefore more and more frequently included in current syllabuses of many technological undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The book consists of a comprehensive list of exercises with increasing degrees of difficulty. It has been published under UPCGrau Editions  ( and it is oriented toward undergraduate students pursuing a Bachelor’s Degrees in Engineering. In particular, it is used as teaching material in the course ‘Quantum Information Technologies’ within the Bachelor’s Degree of Telecommunications Engineering at EETAC, and in the course ‘Quantum Optical Technologies’ which is part of the Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Physics.

The authors Santiago Torres, Pere Bruna and Pietro Massignan, with backgrounds as varied as Astrophysics, Material Science and Quantum Physics, have a long history of teaching this subject. With this book they aim to provide the students with an overview of the present state-of-the-art of the field and the basic tools to comprehend it, in the hope they will continue delving into the rapidly evolving and fascinating field of quantum technologies, which has only just begun to be explored.