PhD offer in the Research group DONLL

Oct 21, 2020

We offer a predoctoral contract (PhD grant) within the project Smart management of Light and Sound waves by Metamaterials, Metasurfaces and non-Hermitian systems (SMARTWAVES). 4 years’s contract with the research group of “Nonlinear Dynamics, Nonlinear Optics and Lasers” (DONLL) at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).

The PhD work will be developed in the frame of “Non-Hermitian Systems” and “Lattices, metamaterials and metasurfaces” in the field of photonics. The main subjects will be the study of novel laser sources with PT-symmetry, its stabilization, and optimization, the control of turbulence and the introduction of metastructures in semiconductor lasers for their regularization. Alternatively, the PhD can be directed to metastructures for optical applications like invisibility on demand, applied to optics and acoustics, axisymmetric complex structures and metasurfaces for smart light control.


Contact: Interested people, please contact us in the following mail addresses: ,,

Deadline: 27 October 2020

Needed documentation:

  • Brief motivation Letter
  • CV in English or Catalan, Spanish
  • DNI or passport copy
  • Degree certificate with obtained marks and date

More information about the call and grant details: