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Improving performance of racetrack microtrons

Yuri Kubyshin from NEMEN research group along with physicists from the Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Moscow State University have published a paper devoted to an analysis of beam dynamics in electron accelerators of the racetrack microtron (RTM) type and searching for improvements of their characteristics.
Improving performance of racetrack microtrons
The figure shows an increase of the longitudinal acceptance of an RTM with the accelerating field with two harmonics and its comparison to the standard case with a one-harmonic field.

The article includes a comparison of RTMs with circular microtrons and multi-section linear accelerators, the small- and medium-size machines that are widely used for industrial and medical applications, as well as for cargo inspection and isotope production. It is argued that RTMs can be a preferable choice for medium energies (up to 100 MeV) and that the range of their potential applications can be widened, provided the beam current losses are significantly reduced. In the article two possible solutions of improvement of the RTM performance are discussed in detail. One of them consists in using the accelerating electromagnetic wave with two harmonics instead of just one fundamental harmonic, which is the case in standard designs. Another proposed approach is focused on the improvement of matching of the longitudinal emittance of the beam at the injection with the acceptance of the accelerator.

This work was published in Symmetry journal with the reference:

Maxim Borisov, Andrey Ermakov, Vadim Khankin, Yuri Kubyshin and Vasiliy Shvedunov, Racetrack Microtron-Pushing the Limits, Symmetry 2021, 13, 2244.

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