Enric Alvarez invited to High School in Montmeló to make informative talk about the heart

Enric Alvarez, professor of the research group BIOCOM-SC, gave a conference on the 28th of March within the promotion plan of the UPC to present the research and the work carried out at the UPC to secondary schools. With the hope of attracting people to our university, the UPC offers a series of talks to secondary school teachers and they choose the talks they find interesting for their teaching.

In this case, Ricard Simó, first-year high school teacher at Institut Montmeló invited Enric Alvarez to do the talk Calcio, from the core of the stars to your heart to 15 physics students from the first year of high school. As part of the session, we tried to perform an experiment in class similar to that done in GeorgiaTech to explain cardiac arrhythmias, with a very successful result.

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