Research News

A thermal fading of the quantum behavior in the large-momenta and short-distance correlations is predicted for temperatures above the anomaly threshold, by unveiling the connection between excitations, thermodynamics, and correlations in many-body systems. A general analytic expression for the high-momentum tail of the particle momentum distribution, which is valid for an arbitrary interaction strength and temperature and smoothly connects the quantum and classical limits, is proposed.

Candidate Yajuan Duan defended the thesis on March 13, 2024. The thesis, co-supervised by Drs. Jichao Qiao (Northwestern Polythecnic University, Xi'an) and Eloi Pineda (UPC), shows how the structural dynamics and atomic mobility of metallic materials with non-crystalline structure evolves during thermal and mechanical treatments. This study allows improving the pre-processing of these materials to modify and improve their mechanical properties.

Pau Mir Garcia defended his thesis co-supervised by Eva Miranda on January 16 at the FME. Entitled "Singularities and symmetries on the crossroads of geometry and physics", the thesis presents the study of several mathematical objects that are essential for formulating and modeling physical systems. Through tools provided by differential geometry, this thesis develops and analyzes different mathematical structures that are used in three physical contexts: dissipative dynamics, integrable systems and geometric quantization. To do this, we mainly use the framework of b-symplectic geometry, a natural extension of symplectic geometry especially suitable for bounded manifolds, based on the concept of differential b-forms.