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The study of the color of enamels and historical glasses colored by copper and iron
Mingyue Yuan defended his thesis directed by Trinitat Pradell Cara on 17th of November at Campus Diagonal Besos. Entitled "Historical copper and iron colored glazes and glasses", the thesis presents an understanding of the mechanisms of coloring and compositional differences in historical enamels and glasses, and offers valuable information on ancient glassmaking technologies.
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Interacting polarons : Simulations of interacting quasiparticles in ultracold quantum gas
Quasiparticles are an essential tool to describe the complex processes arising from strong interactions in solids. These quasiparticles can be simulated and accurately studied in a radically different system, i.e., an ultracold quantum gas. Now scientists have been able to observe in an actual experiment how quasiparticles called Fermi polarons interact with each other. Their findings have been published in Nature Physics.
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Multi-functional GNSS positioning study with multi-constellation, multi-frequency with high accuracy and integrity
Deimos Ibáñez Segura defended his thesis co-directed by Adrià Rovira Garcia and Jaume Sanz Subirana on October 23 at the North Campus. Titled "Contributions to multi-purpose GNSS positioning to support multi-frequency and multi-constellation with high accuracy and integrity", the thesis presents, on the one hand, different methods for GNSS processing (multi-constellation, multi-frequency, fast convergence, integrity and maritime applications), and on the other hand the study of different components that affect GNSS positioning (such as the ionosphere, errors in the signal in space). All the processing is furthermore integrated into a tool, gLAB, aimed at both professionals and students, which already has an international impact and with the improvements made in this thesis will significantly increase its impact.
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Computational study of the transitional coherent structures in shear and centrifugally driven flows
Baoying Wang defended her thesis co-supervised by Alvaro Meseguer and Fernando Mellibovsky on September 21 at the North Campus. Entitled "Transitional Coherent Structures in Shear and Centrifugally Driven Flows", the thesis computationally presents the mechanisms for creating coherent structures (invariants of the Navier-Stokes equations) pre-turbulent in rotating and/or shearing fluids.
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Muspell Project Consortium is Awarded 3.5M euros EU Grant To Pioneer Next-Gen Thermal Energy Storage System
Professor Pol Lloveras of the group of characterization of Materials of the Department of Physics participates in the project. The Muspell project's goal is to develop an innovative energy management solution that will yield substantial advantages across diverse industries and sectors, paving the way to a more sustainable future.
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Measuring an excited state of 23Mg helps to understand stellar explosions
Physics professor Jordi José participates in an international project in which, the measurement of an unstable state of 23Mg, lasting only 10^(-14) seconds, has allowed the possible detection of gamma rays from stellar explosions to be precisely quantified
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New indicators of interferometric SAR data quality
Yismaw Abera Wassie defended his thesis co-supervised by Michele Crosetto and Oriol Monserrat (CTTC) on July 24, 2023 at the Baix Llobregat Campus. The thesis, entitled "Spatio-temporal quality metrics for Satellite SAR Interferometric data", presents quality indicators for interferometric SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) data
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Excess of mortality in Catalonia during the summer of 2022 was related with high temperatures
An interdisciplinary team formed by the Catalan Health Department, the Catalan Health Institute and researchers of the Department of Physics of the UPC studied the relation between excess of mortality and high observed temperatures of summer 2022
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Study of the effects of rotation in hydrodynamic models of accretion on compact stars
David Martin Rodriguez defended his thesis supervised by Jordi José on July 7, 2023 at the Diagonal-Besòs Campus. Entitled "Hydrodynamic Models of Accretion onto Rotating Compact Stars", the thesis focuses on investigating the effects of rotation and the instabilities caused by it (meridional circulation and turbulence due to differential rotation) in type I X-ray eruptions ( or type I X-Ray Bursts), which take place on the surface of accreting neutron stars. In particular, the study focuses on the study of the observable properties (light curves, recurrence periods and nucleosynthesis) of these eruptions
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PhD work about the application of the modeling of turbulent combustion in model aero-engine burners
Ambrus Both defended his thesis co-supervised by Daniel Mira and Oriol Lehmkuhl on June 29th at the Campus Nord of UPC. Titled "High-fidelity numerical simulations of reacting flows with tabulated chemistry," the thesis presents a framework of tabulated chemistry methods for the modeling of turbulent combustion and its application in model aero-engine burners.
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