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Workshop Computational Biology and Complex Systems

January 13th 2023


10:00h – 10:40h Martí Català (NDORMS, University of Oxford, UK)

 Real-world evidence from across Europe on diseases, populations and the uses

and performance of medicines. Case study: COVID-19 trial emulation.

10:40h – 11:10h Cristina Montañola (School of Management, IQS)

Poverty and rejection to the poor. An approach with mathematical models

11:10h – 11:40h Coffee break

11:40h – 12:10h Víctor López de Rioja (BIOCOM-SC, UPC)

Population range expansions, with mathematical applications to interacting
systems and ancient human genetics

12:10h – 12:40h Enric Alvarez (BIOCOM-SC, UPC)

COVID-19 growth: Correlation with mobility and meteorological data




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