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“Heating a quantum dipolar fluid into a solid”

27/10/2022 de 13:00 a 14:00
UPC campus nord, B4-212 (aula seminari)
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Thursday, 27th of October 2022 at 13:00
UPC campus nord, B4-212 (aula seminari)


Juan Sánchez-Baena

Aarhus University, Denmark
“Heating a quantum dipolar

fluid into a solid”


Raising the temperature of a material enhances the thermal motion of particles. Such an increase in thermal energy commonly leads to the melting of a solid into a fluid and eventually vaporises the liquid into a gaseous phase of matter. Here, we study the finite-temperature physics of dipolar quantum fluids and find surprising deviations from this general phenomenology. In particular, we describe how heating a dipolar superfluid from near-zero temperatures can induce a phase transition to a supersolid state with a broken translational symmetry. The predicted effect agrees with experimental measurements on ultracold dysprosium atoms, which opens the door for exploring the unusual thermodynamics of dipolar quantum fluids.



[1] Juan Sánchez-Baena, Claudia Politi, Fabian Maucher, Francesca Ferlaino, Thomas Pohl, "Heating a quantum dipolar fluid into a solid",  arXiv: 2209.00335