Seminar: Experimental astrophysics with high-power lasers and magnetic Z-pinches

Dr. Francisco Suzuki-Vidal. Plasma Physics Group, Imperial College, London – UK -


24/05/2019 de 10:15 a 11:15 (Europe/Madrid / UTC200)


room C2-17 in building C at EEBE, Campus Besós (UPC)

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Over the past two decades, we have seen the emergence of a new experimental capability in the form of high-energy density (HED) facilities such high-power lasers and magnetic Z-pinches. Hand in hand with the emergence of these HED experimental facilities came the realisation that a new class of laboratory astrophysics could be pursued. This new class of experimental HED astrophysics is complementary to but distinct from ‘traditional’ laboratory astrophysics, such as measurements of low-energy nuclear cross sections. These new HED facilities allow matter to be placed, reproducibly, in extreme states of temperature, density and velocity. Measurements of these conditions and their evolution, when properly diagnosed, allow theoretical models and computer simulation codes to be tested under the extreme conditions relevant to HED regimes of astrophysics [1].

In this talk, I will introduce the main concepts of HED laboratory astrophysics together with some applications including experiments relevant to the magnetic launching of supersonic jets from protostars, differentially rotating accretion disks, magnetic reconnection, and radiative shocks.

[1] B.A. Remington, R.P. Drake & D.D Ryutov, ‘Experimental astrophysics with high power lasers and Z pinches’, Reviews of Modern Physics 78, No. 3 (2006).